Clinical and Diagnostics

Traditional clinical diagnostics testing involved antibody-based recognition of proteins or disease markers. Advances in this area have seen a shift to the use of mass spectrometry technologies. And, although great strides have been made, we know that many clinical diagnostics scientists are continue to use traditional immunoassays in their work.

JM Medical Research provides the full array of chemicals and instruments for those working in clinical diagnostics, whether your research utilizes traditional methods or the more modern mass spectrometry. Our instrumentation includes LC-MS/MS analyzers which are CE-marked for in vitro diagnostic use for the European market that are designed to be simple for no mass spec experts to use. We also provide reagent kits that are CE-marked for in vitro diagnostic use for the European market.

Our extensive clinical diagnostics product inventory includes:

For a more detailed list of clinical and diagnostics products available, please visit our Products page. Rest assured that JM Medical Research is a leading provider of clinical and diagnostic products. We have a thorough understanding of the products needed and devote ourselves to ensuring the satisfaction of our customers.