Lab Consumables

One of the single most effective ways for laboratories to improve productivity and manage costs is to maintain stringent management of their inventory of lab consumables. Monitoring consumable supplies, chemicals and reagents is a big task – doing so efficiently is imperative considering decreasing budgets and demand for faster results and lower drug costs.

The best starting point is to create an exhaustive list of the inventory on hand – be sure to include everything. Then, conduct careful analysis of what you can use more of and what is used less often. Note the minimum amounts of every item that should be on hand. Carefully consider where reductions can be made. Next, determine where it should all be stored – you should consider placing all items with similar expirations dates together and all commonly used items together while ensuring materials are properly stored.

JM Medical Research regularly provides inventory control advice and information for our clients. We want to ensure you are getting the best use of these consumables and maintaining your budget. Our extensive lab consumables product inventory includes:

For a more detailed list of lab consumables products available, please visit our Products page. Rest assured that JM Medical Research is a leading provider of lab consumables products. We have a thorough understanding of the products needed and devote ourselves to ensuring the satisfaction of our customers.