Lab Equipment

One certainty in maintaining the proper lab equipment is that you need a reliable source for replacing equipment. Mechanical failures, breakage and everyday usage means laboratory equipment must be replaced regularly to ensure research schedules stay on track.

JM Medical Research is meticulous about ensuring we deliver the right equipment in proper working order to ensure your research projects remain on schedule. We ensure fast delivery and proper packaging so you can focus on creating new breakthroughs in your important work. Our extensive lab equipment product inventory includes:

  • Agar plate
  • Air displacement pipette
  • Alcohol burner
  • AN/URM-25D Signal Generator
  • Analytical balance
  • Aspirator (pump)
  • Burette clamps
  • Centrifuges‎
  • Chemical equipment‎
  • Cork borer
  • Joint clip
  • Laboratory glassware‎
  • Laboratory porcelainware
  • Laboratory rubber stopper
  • Laboratory scissor jack
  • Laboratory water bath
  • Magnifiers‎
  • Microbiology equipment‎
  • Microscopes
  • Optical devices‎
  • Positioning instruments‎
  • Rubber bulb
  • Test tube holder
  • Thermometers‎
  • Utility clamp

For a more detailed list of lab consumables products available, please visit our Products page. Rest assured that JM Medical Research is a leading provider of lab consumables products. We have a thorough understanding of the products needed and devote ourselves to ensuring the satisfaction of our customers.